October 8th, 2018


Pizza is one of the most versatile foods in the world. You can put any topping you can imagine on a pizza. From the classic Margherita pizza to a fully loaded Buffalo Chicken Pizza complete with hot sauce and ranch, there are a ton of options for pizza toppings. Picking your pizza toppings may cause a little choice stress, but there is a flavor for everyone.

The Great Pizza Debate

With so many possibilities, it can be a real challenge picking a pizza to share with your friends. This choice can quickly turn into a heated debate, especially if you have somebody who wants pineapple pizza. Everyone has different taste preferences, so there may never be a way to settle the debate about which pizza toppings are the best. However, we can look at which pizza toppings people prefer to find that perfect compromise among your friends.

Pizza Toppings Ranked By Popularity

Some places offer out of the box pizza toppings like figs, arugula, or goat cheese. It can be a fun, flavorful journey to explore these unique toppings. However, despite all these options, there are some pizza toppings that you can find on nearly every menu. These popular toppings have become the standard when people order pizza. Here are those toppings ranked by popularity:

  Tomato Sauce 










This list really isn’t surprising. Outside of an occasional white pizza, pretty much every pizza made starts with dough, tomato sauce, and cheese. The list gets really interesting around option number three. Though, pepperoni being so popular is also not surprising.

Why Is Pepperoni Such A Popular Pizza?

The most popular topping for pizza is pepperoni by a long shot. In fact, around 36% of all pizzas contain pepperoni. Why is pepperoni so popular? There’s a couple of possible reasons. First, pepperoni’s salty, smoky flavor is the perfect flavor complement for cheese and tomato. Secondly, unlike other toppings when pepperoni is cooked on a pizza, it maintains its color, texture, and flavor. Finally, pepperoni may be so popular because it is ubiquitous in the media. Whenever you see pizza marketed or portray in media, it’s usually covered in pepperoni slices. With all these factors, it makes perfect sense that pepperoni would top the list.

How To Settle The Topping Debate

Now that we know the most popular pizza toppings, how do we settle the debate? One way is to get multiple pizzas with different toppings. Another option is to separate your toppings half-and-half on a large pie. The last option, as long as you don’t have any vegetarians in your group, is to go with a pepperoni pizza since it is the one topping almost all of us can agree upon.